We are Eccholine, the world's leading independent line producer.

Founded in 2011 by experienced TV professionals, here at Eccholine we make large, complex TV productions happen, for you and together with you.

As we understand the formats we produce through and through, we are inmensely effective and efficient in getting a production done. We take the pre-production off your hands (well, most of it) and greatly reduce preparation time. By sharing our expertise, we support you in producing BIG FORMATS anywhere in the world, guaranteeing you outstanding quality, fast execution and tremendous cost efficiency with every production. 

We have successfully managed productions of BIG prime time TV hits like Peking Express, Ninja Warrior, Nomads in over 20 countries, produced in cooperation with local broadcasters and production companies to deliver unbeatable television entertainment.

We are independent (and proud of it) and can work with anyone: indies, super indies, in-house production companies, broadcasters..., you name it.

If you are developing a big reality or entertainment show and you want to make it travel, read on...

We are committed to push the best ideas to the international market.  Both top rating national shows or original ideas can count on our support. 

We invest in creative development, promos and/or teasers with both financial means and expertise, and offer access to our international roster of clients. 

We DO NOT want to own your IP,  we want to produce it!

So if this is for you, then LET'S MAKE YOUR SHOW HAPPEN in many markets. 

If you wish to find out more, drop us a line here .