If you are in the market for BIG FORMATS, we are here for you...

Founded in 2011 by experienced TV professionals, Eccholine makes large, complex TV productions accessible for pretty much any territory. 

We are dedicated to selecting top rating formats that make BIG SHOWS!
We share our production expertise and make these shows happen in your market


We share our expertise with you!

Eccholine will guide you through the process of producing BIG FORMATS in both far flung destinations around the world and locations close to home, guaranteeing you outstanding quality, speedy execution and cost efficiency with every production.

Eccholine has successfully managed productions of BIG prime time hits in over 20 countries, produced in cooperation with local broadcasters and production companies to deliver unbeatable television entertainment.



Eccholine: The world's leading independent Line Producer

We are fiercely independent (and proud of it!) and work with anyone: indies, superindies, in-house production companies, broadcasters..., you name it. 

Just give us a call to find out more!



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